Wednesday, July 31, 2002

BallShooter Games release Ms Pacman

BallShooter Games release Ms Pacman
BallShooter Games bring you a re-make of well-known Pac-Man game. Ms Pacman (the Ms stands for Missis not Microsoft!) has a lot of improvements, such as new hi-color graphics. Also you'll find 15 new amazing levels and a large number of different "cherries", all in the spirit of this immortal game.

Acer sub wins $299 Dell PDA order

Acer sub wins $299 Dell PDA order
The rumors are over. Dell has contracted with Wistron, a subsidiary of Acer, for a Pocket PC.
Good News - I got my car back today. And it did not cost $500 dollars. It was under $300 dollars. It is nice
to have transportation again.

Faster 802.11b for Less Money than 802.11a

Faster 802.11b for Less Money than 802.11a
Although it doesn't have the benefits of extra channels and isn't quite as fast as 802.11a, this new solution does bring Wi-Fi to 22 Mbps.

A to B, Easy as 1-2-3

A to B, Easy as 1-2-3
I never ask for directions. It is a genetic defect in us males and now there is help on the horizon! Now, thanks to voice recognition technology, I don't have to be proud, or lost. IBM said Monday that it will provide a voice recognition system for selected 2003 Honda Accords. The voice-enabled Hondas should be available at dealerships beginning Sept. 9. Source=Wired News

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Take the
Screen Saver are you
? quiz.

It's the quiz with oomph!

Created by Rachel (oomph)

and John (woobyslj)

Monday, July 29, 2002

Awwww, that guy got the question right. See below.
I just got a call from Techtv. I will be the #2 person on there Call For Help show. If the #1 person does not get the question right they will let me try a new question. Cool. I will be on TechTV Wired World Challenge if the #1 person does not get it right. Hopefully they won't.
Oh, by the way, I found my glasses.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

50 %

My weblog owns 50 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?
I just ordered a one year subscription to my favorite magazine Pocket PC Magazine.

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Well I was on my way to tyler today and my car died. It is going to cost $500 dollars to get it fixed. Now how is that for what was
suppose to be a fun day.

Friday, July 26, 2002

I bought my first book at Amazon. The book that I got is "TechTV Leo Laporte's 2003 Technology Almanac". The authors website is here.
Microsoft converts Xbox skeptic
Well, this is good I guess. HP to support discontinued Jornadas.
Hewlett-Packard has promised to provide at least three years of technical support to Jornada handheld owners worldwide, despite dropping the product line after merging with Compaq Computer.
Why your furniture is wrong
New gadgets wreak havoc on people’s living rooms
Ok, Mr Gates look at this. Now why can't you figure it out??
Hotmail policy drives users to tears
All sent mail more than 30 days old in free accounts deleted
.NET result: Gates gives firm a 'C'
Bill Gates, the head of Microsoft Corp. and one of the world's richest men, gave his company a "C" grade on Wednesday for stumbling in its delivery of a set of Internet communications products.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Check out this.
I want an Xbox for my birthday. I had a chance to play one at the K-Mart and it was fun. I don't really play games on the computer alot. But, I have to say that the graphics were wonderful. And the game was fun.
Price cuts boost game machine sales
Sales of Microsoft's Xbox and competing video game consoles jumped substantially following price cuts in May, according to sales figures compiled by research firm NPD Funworld.
Mac, Windows updates on the way
Both Apple and Microsoft are expected to release tweaks to their operating systems next month, in the form of Mac OS X 10.2 and Windows XP Service Pack 1.
Go to the message boards at to see what this post was about. It has been edited, by the order of Message board post newsitem1027537895,90493,
It's official. I'm going to Six Flags on 8-10-02. I can't wait.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I lost my glasses.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I got a ATI TV Wonder VE for my computer. What is an ATI TV Wonder VE you might say? It will allow me to watch tv on my computer and capture it and save it to an AVI video file. It did not work with Windows XP. They said that it would, but it did not.
I even took the time to download the huge files to make it work. Nothing. I am alittle bit upset with them right now. But I took it
back to Wal-Mart and got my money back. So I guess that is a good thing. Apple has come out with an ipod for Windows users. I also like the new 17" inch flat panel LCD Imacs.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

I should put some video up on my website of Gretchen, my dog.
The yard sale went very well for me. I will have enough to get new glasses. Went and looked at some and I found a pair of Tommy Hilfiger glasses that l liked. But first I have to have an eye exam. My current glasses fell on the ground and I did not know about it and my dog Gretchen got hold of them. They have teeth marks all over them. I can still wear them but they are damaged. The lenes are all scratched up. That is my fault. No I will not wear contacts. Good Night!

Friday, July 12, 2002

I'm having a major yard sale on Saturday at the church. Some friends will also be having theirs too.
Got a new air-conditioner. It is soooo cool;->

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

eBay glitch charges sellers double

Blaming the problem on a "technical error," the online auction giant is crediting customers' bank accounts for the extra charges.


Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking.

Cable companies cracking down on Wi-Fi

Cable companies cracking down on Wi-Fi
"Broadband providers are cracking down on popular Wi-Fi networks, threatening to cut service to customers who set up the inexpensive wireless systems and allow others to freely tap into their Internet access. Time Warner Cable of New York City has given 10 customers less than a week to stop using their accounts to provide a wireless local area network available to anyone within 300 feet. The letters are just an initial volley; Time Warner expects to send additional letters, while AT&T Broadband also is preparing similar letters for some of its customers." ;-)
My Air Conditioner has gone out. It is sooo hot in my room.

Friday, July 05, 2002

India Rolls Out Cheap, Handheld Computer This Month

India Rolls Out Cheap, Handheld Computer This Month
"India is ready this month to roll out its $200 "Simputer," a handheld computer aimed at wooing the poor across the digital divide. "The waiting period is almost over. We are near the take-off stage," Vinay Deshpande, chairman of Encore Software Ltd, one of two firms with licenses to make the device, told Reuters late on Thursday."

Review: Bluetooth not for beginners

Review: Bluetooth not for beginners
Wireless technology not quite ready for primetime — yet

A Wireless End Run Around ISPs

A Wireless End Run Around ISPs
Broadband subscribers can use simple Wi-Fi gear to share their connections with neighbors -- and "warchalking" spreads the word

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Has Bill Gates made the switch?

Drinking Too Much Water Can Kill You: Report

Drinking Too Much Water Can Kill You: Report

"A new review of three deaths of US military recruits highlights the dangers of drinking too much water. The military has traditionally focused on the dangers associated with heat illness, which has killed a number of healthy, young enrollees, Colonel John W. Gardner of the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner in Rockville, Maryland told Reuters Health. However, pushing the need to drink water too far can also have deadly consequences, he said. "The risk has always been not drinking enough," Gardner said. "And then people who aren't medically attuned get overzealous," inducing recruits to drink amounts of water that endanger their health, he added."
I got my new HP Jornada today. Yes you heard me right. The speaker went out in my current one. So HP sent me a new one. I love warranties.