Monday, May 26, 2003

Steaks and good friends

Today we went over to our friends house and cooked steaks. The power went out at their house and we ended up taking all the food over to the church. I finally got an email from my friend that lives in Tyler. His computer has been on the blink. He said that he is moving, but did not tell where. But I am glad I got an email. I am using W.Bloggar to type my blog with. It seems to be working.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Fun day at Six Flags

Well, my youth group finally made it to Six Flags on Saturday. It did not rain. We all had fun riding all of the thrill rides. We got a new ride it is called Superman Tower of Power. It was so much fun. On the way home the bus broke down and we sat in the middle of the exit rap for about an hour and half. It was not fun. The pastor and his wife happen to be about 20 minutes away and they helped us get started back up. We hope that we can go back to Six Flags in the Fall.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

My first blog


I had a website before this blogging thing even was a memory.
I used to update an HTML file everyday. That website is gone.
Then I got my first blog at here.
Then after that on May 24, 2003 I got my first movable type blog hosted at
That did not work out so I now have my blog run on hosted on
My enitre archive from my movable type blog is now up on my current blog.

I have several other blogs:

- - Deleted
- - Deleted
- - Deleted
- Yahoo 360
- MSN Spaces
- - Jims Link Blog - Deleted
- Jims Tech Podcast -
- Mindsay - Deleted
- - Cancelled
- Blogger Pro - Cancelled