Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Fun Day

Today has been a fun day. I went to Six Flags with two friends. I fixed me some sandwiches to eat for lunch because I did not want to spend allot of money on food, it is so expensive at Six Flags. Well, we got there and paid for our tickets and went through the mental detector. Then I had to have my bag checked. I told the security lady that it only had my food in it. I put it in a small cooler. Well she said that they were not allowed in the park and that we can't bring in outside food. So, I can't go put it into my car because we got dropped off. She said that the gas station would keep it for me until the park closes. So I left to go find the gas station and it was right in the parking lot. I did not have to walk far. We got to it and it was closed. We walked around to the other side of the park and found a security person and ask for help. And she said that she would call someone to open it for us. Someone came and opened it up for me. While we waited I managed to eat one sandwich and drink one coke.

We finally made it into the park. There was hardly anyone there. School has started in Dallas. And I guess it was because we went on a normal business day. We walked right up to some of the big roller coasters. Did not even have to wait for a minute to ride. It was so cool. The ride would end and the people said that we did not have to get off. We got to ride The Batman ride and the Titan 4 or 5 times. My friend finally decided that he wanted to do Mr. Freeze. It was really funny because when we were riding The Batman ride we saw people walking on Mr. Freeze. The ride was closed for inspection I guess. They've had allot of problems with this ride. Guys were walking all over it. It finally opened up and we rode it 4 times. Believe me that is allot. We walked right up to it and got on. I just learned something really cool. The movie Spy Kids 2 was filmed right at Six Flags Over Texas. They added allot of CGI rides that did not exist. You should go check out the DVD and look at the special features on it. But, in the movie you can see The Batman ride and Mr. Freeze. But the rides were not going. They should have made them operational in the movie. This is the longest post ever.

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