Friday, May 28, 2004

Bryans Friday Four

What are your thoughts on the G4/TechTV Merge?: I think it is terrible. They have kept all the crappy shows and canceled good shows like CFH, Techlive. The Screen Savers will continue but it won't be the same without Patrick and Leo as host. Plus they have fired all of TechTV staff. The people that made TechTV so great. Update: The website is nothing but crap.

Do you think the network will get better/worse ratings and why?: I don't think the network will have good ratings. They have added all the crap that was on TechTV. And how many gaming shows can you have until you get bored? I hope they atleast keep TSS like it is now.

What are your thoughts on I think if he keeps it like the style of Call For Help then it will be ok. I don't think charging people for it is right. I have dial-up and it probably won't do me any good to subscribe.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?: Mint Chocolate Chip.

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