Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Tech, Friends, and Life.

I have decided to combine my two blogs Jim's tech news and Jim's blog into one blog. It will make things easier. My new 120 GB hard drive came yesterday. I was running out of room on my hard drive. I had to uninstall programs to just to make room. Well, not anymore. I had to partition the hard drive. The first time around I messed it up. But I figured out what I did wrong and it works now. We are having a revival at my church and it is going very well. Work is going good. I wish I could find more though.

I want to go back to Teen Mania to be in the CCM (Center of Creative Media) program. They produce the shows for ATF and all of Teen Mania's videos that they use for missions and extreme camps. I would be trained in: Producing (from conception to completion), Writing, Camera, Audio, Lighting, Editing (AVID), Directing, and Graphics Design. I would love to do this with a passion. I would be a GI (graduate Intern) and it would be for two years. But the program cost $1500 dollars a month. And I don't know how that is going to happen. The program is almost like going to Full Sail. And it cost about the same. But Full Sail is in Flordia.

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