Sunday, July 03, 2005

Celebrate Freedom 2005

I was at SouthFork Ranch on Saturday for Celebrate Freedom. It is the largest free Christian outdoor concert in America. Artist like Rebecca St. James, Caedmon's Call, Toby Mac, Michael Tait, Avalon, Newsboys, and a lot more. Actor Stephen Baldwin was there with his ministry Livin' it. It was a really great day. They even called a soldier who is over in Iraq and put it over the speakers. It was very tear-jerking. But it was great. I truly do love America and my Freedom. I would not trade it for anything. I took some pictures. I was going to take my video camera, but decided not to. Next year I am going to take it for sure. I did capture some small videos with my digital camera. We decided to stay for the whole thing this year. They have a large Fireworks display at the end. It was good, but not worth staying for the whole thing next year. We did not get home until 5 am. We usually leave early so we get home at a normal hour. But it was a fun day.

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