Tuesday, September 20, 2005

DigitalLife Episode 6

Digitallife TV Episode 6 has been released. In this episode they talk about:

- 1080p HDTV: hype or must have?
- Robert Heron reviews the Westinghouse LVM-37w1 $2,299
- Patrick Norton reviews the Klipsch iFi iPod speakers.
- HijackThis is a great tool for stomping spyware. Want to take the sting out of HijackThis? Cut and paste your log files onto this page.
- Looking for hi performance antennas for your 802.11 network (or your wardriving truck? Check out HyperLink Technologies and WarDrivingWorld (And if you want to learn tons about 802.11b networking, pigtails, cabling, antennas and more, spend some time curled up with NoCat.net and WarDriving.com.)
- Oh yeah: Rob Flickenger designed the Yuban coffe cantenna that Patrick built.
- Want more from the Auto Show? Read Jim's writeup: High Tech Meets High Concepts At The Auto Show.
- Finally, if you want more from Mark McDonald on the Nintendo Revolution.

Check it out at: Digitallifetv.com