Saturday, May 27, 2006

Worst Tech Products That I Have Owned has a list of the 25 worst tech porducts of all times. Well, out of the 25 here are the ones that I have owned.

Timex Data Link Watch - I still own this watch. It keeps good time. But that is about it. It does not work with my Dell monitor.

2. RealNetworks RealPlayer - I used to use this. It was slow and did not look good at all. Now I use a real alternative program called Media Player Classic. Because ever once in awhile you come across something in the real format. Which is not very good to begin with.

4. Microsoft Windows Millennium - Yeah I bought the upgrade version.

8. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 - Who hasn't used this. I don't need to say anything about it. Just use Firefox

12. PointCast - I used this program. I don't think it was that bad. It was slow. Thank goodness for RSS.

15. Iomega Zip Drive - I never had a problem with one of these. My old Fujitsu laptop came with a detechable zip drive. I love my iPod shuffle.

20. CueCat - It did not work very well when it was launched. But I use it with a program called Mediaman. It works very well.

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