Saturday, October 18, 2003


Today I went to Tyler. We ate at Red Lobster. It was so good. Then I went to CompUSA to look at the iPod. This would be the first time I have touched a 3rd Generation iPod. They had one setup with songs on it. Nothing that I liked but good enough to test with. They had the iPod connected to speakers, so I could not turn the volume up very loud. The first thing I noticed is that it is very light and thin. Perfect for the pocket. The controls are solid state they don't move. I like that very much. It was very easy to navigate through the iPod and find songs. The LED backlight for the LCD screen was very good. I like the fact that the buttons light up red. Well, I can now say that I really truely want one. I love iTunes for Windows. And the music store has a good Christian selection to choose from. I also found alot of books that I would like to listen to instead of reading. I can't wait until Christmas.

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