Monday, October 27, 2003

The weekend

The Alumni weekend went very well. No one that was in my room was there. I guess they have lives. I did not really see anyone that I knew. But I did see Nicole, Stella, and Colin with his wife. Friday a bunch of CAs decided to go get ice cream. So went with David Johnson and Daniel Blankenship. While all us were there the police kicked us out. There had been a drive by shooting a couple of weeks ago and someone got killed. So that is why we were asked to leave the area. After that we decided to go to Hell House. I've never been. It was good. Saturday was ok. There have been alot of really cool changes to T.M. I left right after the business meeting. I did not stay for the football games. I don't have glasses and can't drive at night, so I left early because there was daylight.

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