Monday, June 26, 2006

Digg v3.0 Launches

Today digg launched there third version of the popular website. They have added other topics that include Science, World & Business, Videos, Entertainment, and Gaming. The site looks great. The other topics are showing up in the main rss feed now. I really don't care for that. But you can subscribe to whatever topic rss feed that you would like. The site is alittle slow but that is understandable. The my profile page has been totally re-worked and it is now easier to find what your friends are digging. When you mark a digg that is spam or lame the digg is now grayed out. And the box says buried. Which makes it alot easier to find the stories that you did not digg. Also check out the about us page. You can finally see who makes digg possible. Well, that was my short and sweet review.

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